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Hello! Welcome to the online manual for Neoathlon! This game started as a 10 week long student project and is becoming something a bit better, hopefully you can join me on this journey to make a new and modern racing experience.

The Year is 3029... find yourself in a grand stadium crowded with spectators. The air is thick with anticipation as a cavalcade of lights dance across the colossal brass structures that encircle the arena. The engines roar to life, in union with the collective heartbeat of the crowd. The vehicles with a light hum pop up off the metallic floor, defying gravity. Welcome to The Neoathlon, where the legacy of human ingenuity becomes a galactic sport. Prepare to race through time, challenge the cosmos, and etch your name in the annals of racing history. Gear up, pilots, for the ride of a lifetime awaits!

Version Information

System Requirements


Director, Development Lead, Game and Promotional Art - Christian Dahl

Game and Promotional Art - Jacob Roundy

Soundtrack Composer - Michael C. Morrise

Resource Attributions

Atlus Statue Model by Babbaboy

Additional Sound Effects by GazarianGork, CopyC4t, avreference, digifishmusic, distilleryst, tim.khan

Special Thanks

Raymond Maple, Brian Mead, the folks over at The Arch-hive, Tim Cain, Mom